1.Mendocino Art Center Gallery, CA
(March 1990)

2.Matrix Gallery Sacramento ,CA

3.Chim Cregg Art Gallery La Puente ,CA
(Group Show : May- June 1991 )

4.Golden Valley Art Center ,Marysville .CA
(Oct . 1992 )

5.Golden Valley Art Center ,Marysville .CA
(Sept. 1994)

6.Mendocino Art Center ,CA
(June 30-July 31, 2004 )

7.Fine Arts Gallery ,Marysville .CA

Art Methods and Material Show .Pasadena ,CA

9. Upstream People Gallery, Omaha,NE. 8th Annual Abstraction International Online Juried Art Exhibition

10. CAHOON MUSEUM of American Art.Cotuit,MA. Tree-Mendous;A National Juried Exhibition

11. 41stAnnual Mother Lode Art Exhibition; Produced by the Placerville Art Association.,Juried Show

12. Upstream People Gallery,9th Annual;Collage, Digital ,Mixed Media International
Online Juried Art Exhibition

13. Upstream People Gallery
10th Annual Contemporary Art International
Online Juried Art Exhibition
(May01,2008-April 30,2009 )

14. Blue Line Gallery in Roseville,CA
Out of the Blue Membership Show and Competition
(May17-July11, 2008) "The wheel of fortune "

15. Martha Riley Community Library at Mahany Park in Roseville ,CA
(May 30-Aug.22.2008) " The sweet home"
Mixed media , collage on canvas 30" x40"x1.5"

16. Upstream People Gallery
10th Annual Summer All Media International
Juried Online Art Exhibition

17. 2008 California State Fair .Expo Center, Cal Expo
Fairgrounds .1600 Exposition Blvd. Sacramento .CA.
Collage on canvas : " My two beautiful cities ".

18. University Art 2008 Open Art Competition
Sacramento, CA

19. First Frontier Collage Society,Austin,Texas
9th International Open Juried Exhibition
Corridor of Art."Escaping from tunnels ","Musical bee".

20. Blue line gallery. Roseville.Ca.
32nd Annual Open Show
"The clocks and angels".

Aurora Colors Gallery, Petaluma, Ca.
"New Mexico#3","Sears tower ".

22.The 4th annual Art Kudos International
Juried Art Competition and Exhibition Online
"Chinese wisdom" :collage on canvas.

23.The Kobra Crush 29 wine and Art Festival
Roseville, CA

24. 25th Anniversary Placer Arts Membership Show
Auburn, CA.
"My two beautiful cities ".
25.National Collage Society 24th Annual Juried Exhibition
Longmont Museum and Cultural Center.Longmont,Colorado
(Nov. 15 2008- Jan. 11, 2009)
"My Lovely Twin Cities" Collage on Canvas.

26.Upstream People Gallery 11th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art exhibition.(Jan.01.09-Dec.31.09)

27.Blue line gallery.Roseville,CA. "The long and the short of it" 38th Annual Membership Show and Competition (Jan. 17-march 13 2009)."Sailing Through The Light"-Collage on canvas

28.Santa Cruz Art League.Santa Cruz,CA. Altogether:Collage/Assemblage (March6-April5,2009) "I like You Old Roseville" Collage on canvas.

29.The Martha Riley Community Library.Roseville,CA.(March 16-April 30,2009) "Musical Bee",Collage on canvas.

30.Blue Line Gallery Roseville Arts! Roseville,CA
Celebrating Roseville:A Centennial Exhibit (May 16-July 10,2009) "I like historic Roseville" Collage on Canvas,"I like you old Roseville" Collage on Canvas,"Do you remember old Roseville" Collage on Canvas.

31.Roseville Festival of the Arts.Royer Park,Roseville,CA (June 28,2009)

32. 2009 California State Fair. Expo Center ,Cal Expo Fairgrounds.1600 Exposition Blvd. Sacramento .CA. Collage on canvas : " Two Loveable Cities ". (Aug.21-Sept.07,2009)

33.KVIE Art Auction 2009.On-Air Auction.(Aug.30,2009)

34.The Placer Valley Wine and Art Party Oct.17-2009

35. SOLO EXHIBITION-3rd Saturday Art Walk Oct. 17-2009 to Nov.17-2009 Downtown Roseville Library,Roseville CA

36.Upstream People Gallery 12th Annual Contempoary Art Juried Online International Art Exhibition.(May 01-2010 to April 30-2011): "Lincoln and Lincoln"-Collage on Canvas."Monterey Clocks"-Collage on Canvas."Musicians Hands"-Collage on Canvas."The Sweet Home"-Collage on Canvas."Politician and Birds"-Collage on Canvas.

37.Sacramento County Fair,CAL EXPO,Sacramento,CA(May 27-31,2010) Collages on Canvas:"Diversity","Image of Sacramento","The Sweet Home","Politician and Birds".

38.Solo Exhibition-The Marta Riley Community Library,Roseville,CA.(June 01-30,2010)

39.Roseville Arts First Annual Juried Membership Exhibition.Blue Line Gallery.Roseville,CA.(June19-Aug.14,2010)"Mendocino Inspiration"-Mixed Media on Paper

40.2010 California State Fair. Expo Center ,Cal Expo Fairgrounds .1600 Exposition Blvd. Sacramento .CA.(July14-Aug.01,2010)"Monterey Clocks"-Collage on Canvas.

41.KVIE Art Auction,An-Air Auction; Sept.-24,25,26-2010.
On-Air Auction:Sept.25th at 11pm." Musical Bee "-Collage
on canvas.

42.SFAC,Northern California Arts,Inc." Bold Expression "
55th Annual International Open Juried Art Exhibition.
Carmichael,CA.( Oct.-05-30,2010)
" The Door Got Open "-Collage on canvas.

43.ArtScene Today Online Exhibition of City Scapes.
September 2010 Competition.
" Two Loveable Cities "-Collage on canvas.
44.National Collage Society,Inc.26th Annual Juried Exhibit
" Green & Global " First on Line Juried Exhibition.
( Nov.01,2010 to Jan.31,2010 )."Open Safe"-collage on canvas.
45.Sonoma Community Center - Exhibit " Objects of Memory"
Sonoma ,CA.( Nov.05-26,2010).
" The Door is Open "-collage on canvas.
" Why that door is open " -collage on canvas.
46.Fashion Spree & Green Tea event -Layers of Color .7501 Foothills Blvd . Roseville . CA.Brought - Roseville Arts !Blue Line Gallery . Dec.05.2010.
47.Still Point Art Gallery -Online Exhibition : Rhythmic Sensation - Visual Sensation .(Dec.08.2010 to Feb.08.2011)
" I Know How to Play " - collage on canvas .
" Open Safe " - collage on canvas .
" The Old Piano " - collage on canvas .
48." New Beginnings"- Member Show.Blue Line Gallery .Roseville Arts ! Roseville.CA.(Jan.15-Feb.12.2011 )." The Door Got Open " - collage on canvas .
49.North Valley Art League . Carter House Gallery.27th Annual National Juried Art Show.Redding.CA.(Jan.25-Feb.26,2011)." Two Loveable Cities " -collage on canvas.
50." Medley of Masterpieces " 2011 Juried Membership Exhibition. Blue Line Gallery.Roseville Arts! Roseville.CA.( March 2-April 2,2011)." The Old Piano "-collage on canvas.
51.Sacramento County Fair.Cal Expo,Sacramento.CA.
(May26-30,2011).Collage on Canvas :"The Two Seagulls",
"Why that door is open ".
52.Upstream People Gallery,Omaha,NE.13TH Annual Collage,Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition ( June01,2011 through May31,2012)
Collage on canvas:" New Beginning ","Open Safe ", "Second Chance","The Door is Open ", "The Door Got Open ", "Why That Door is Open ", " Powerful Wheel ", " Seagull with Rings " , "The Two Seagulls "," Three Rings ".
53.Roseville Arts-Blue Line Gallery,Roseville.Ca./Roseville Chamber of Commerce-Art in the Community.650 Douglas Blvd. Roseville.CA.(June06-Aug08,2011).Collage on Canvas:
" I like you old Roseville "," Do you remember old Roseville ", " Winding roads ", "The old piano "," Surf ",
" Powerful wheel ".Mixed Media on Canvas : " New Mexico #1 ", " New Mexico # 2".Mixed Media on paper : " My new
pathway ". Digital Art Print : " I like you old Roseville ".
54.2011 ABSTRACT ART CONTEST."Abstract 3" gallery at My Art Contest.com & Artist Portfolio Magazine-Abstracts Issue
( June/July2011)-digital online magazine. Collage on Canvas: " Water Mill "," The Two Seagulls ".
55.Art Festival - High Hand Gallery in Loomis,CA.
3750 Taylor Road ( June-18&19-2011 ).
56.The 45th Annual Mother Lode Art Exhibition.Placerville Shakespeare Club.2940 Bedford Avenue.Placerville,CA.
(Aug.14-28,2011).Collage on canvas:"Bucket with horseshoes","Second Chance".
57.Art Interview - 24th International Online Artist Competition.( April.01-June30,2011).Collage on canvas :"Open Save","Fountain","Little hand".
58.Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition and
Online Exhibition.(Aug.15,2011-Aug.15,2012).Collage on canvas:
"Open Safe".
59."Bold Expression" . The 50th Annual International Open Juried
Art Exhibition.SFAC,Northern California Arts,INC.5330-B.
Gibbons Drive.Carmichael,Ca.95608.(Oct.4-29,2011).
Collage on canvas:"Bucket with Horseshoes","Second Chance".
60.National Collage Society 27th Annual Online Juried Exhibition.(Nov.01,2011-Oct.31,2012).Collage on canvas:
"Wildlife Energy".
61.Still Point Art Gallery Online Exhibition.
Subject:The Abstraction Attraction!(Nov.16,2011-Feb.14,2012). Mixed Media:"Escaping from Tunnels",Time Machine".
62.2012 California State Fair.Expo Center,Cal Expo
Fairgrounds.1600 Exposition Blvd,Sacromento.CA.
(July 12-29,2012).Collage on canvas:"Passing Train".
63.Chico Art Center .450 Orange Street,Suite 6,Chico.CA.
(Aug.25-Sept.22,2012).Mixed Media:"My Friend","Sailing
through the light".
64."The 4th Annual Lottery for the Arts" .Blue Line Gallery.
Roseville Arts!405 Vernon St. Suite 100,Roseville.CA.95678.
( Oct.10-12,2012).Mixed Media: " Chinese Wisdom".
65."Sum of the Parts".Exhibit in the West Park Workshop
Gallery.Roseville Arts!Blue Line Gallery.405 Vernon St.Suite100,Roseville.CA.95678.(Oct.16-Nov.10,2012).Collage on canvas:"Paradise".
66."Crocker-Kingsley"Competiton/Exhibition.Roseville Arts!
Blue Line Gallery.405 Vernon St.Suite100,Roseville.CA.95678
Collage on canvas:"Passing train".
67.MESA CONTEMPORARY ARTS MUSEUM- National Collage Society
Exhibition.(Dec.14,2012-March17,2013).Collage on canvas:
"Open Safe".
68.Leading Artists On-line Gallery Art competition/Art exhibition ."Abstract Expressionism".(March.08.2013-March.08.2014).Mixed Media :"Dream Place".
69.Still Point Art Gallery online exhibition. "Still
Point V", the 5th annual exhibition.(May01,2013-July31,2013).Mixed Media: "Unlimited love", "San Francisco Chinatown", "Impossible".
70."The El Dorado Hills Art & Wine Affaire"-Town Center. El Dorado Hill .CA. May 11-12,2013.(Juried show ).
71." The Beverly Hills Art Show ".Spring 2013.Beverly Hills.CA .May 18-19,2013.(Juried show).
72.Upstream People Gallery. The 15th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed media Juried Online International Art Exhibition.(June01-30,2013).Mixed Media:" Anaheim".
"Beverly Hills Show"," Hollywood", "Hollywood Attractions "," Santa Monica Pier".
73.Mendocino Art Center. Mendocino .CA. "54th Annual Summer Arts & Craft Fair ".July 13-14,2013.( Juried show ).
74.Blue Line Gallery .Roseville.CA.95678.405 Vernon St.
Suite # 100.
Masterpiece Medley Membership Show.2013 Annual Juried
Membership Show .(July19-Aug.24,2013).Mixed Media:
"Santa Barbara Harbor ".
75."Mountain View 42nd Annual Art & Wine Festival".
Mountain View .CA. Sept.7th-8th,2013.
76." Old Monterey Fine Arts Festival " Monterey.CA.
Sept.21-22,2013.(Juried show).
77."Palm Springs Desert Art Festival" Palm Springs.CA.
Dec.14-15,2013.(Juried show).
78." The Red Show ". Infinity Art Gallery. International
Juried Show Online.(Jan.05-April 15,2014 ).Mixed Media:
" Unlimited Love".
79."The 6th Annual Lottery for The Arts ". Blue Line Gallery.
Roseville Arts !
Roseville.CA.95678.Vernon St. Suite #100.( April 9-10,2014)
Collage on canvas ."Read my Lips ".
80.Rotary Club of Woodland Hills."Celebrating 45 years of Arts & Crafts Fairs ".Woodland Hills.CA.91365.Warner Central
Park. April 26-27,2014.( Juried show ).
81."The 57th Annual Saratoga Rotary Art Show ".West Valley College.14000 Fruitvale.Saratoga.CA.95070.May -04-2014.
( Juried show ).
82." Expressions West 2014 ".COOS ART MUSEUM.
235 Anderson Ave.
Coos Bay .OR.97420.(April 18- June 28,2014).Acrylic on canvas. " Miami South Beach ".
83." The 43rd Malibu Arts Festival" -2014.23533 Civic Center
Way .Malibu.CA.90265.July 26-27,2014.( Juried show ).
84.Arts & Crafts Contents Online Gallery -www.Arteziana.net
Art contest : "Color, line & form ".Mixed media on canvas:
" California Roads ", Hawaiian Style ","Flight Sacramento-
New York ","Miami South Beach ".(March-June 2014).
85.KVIE Art Auction, An-Air Auction .Sept.19,20,21-2014
An-Air Auction: Sept.21st at 5PM-5:30PM.
" The Meaning of Love"-Mixed Media.
86."Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival". Old Mill Park
Throckmorton Ave. & Cascade Dr.Sept.20,21-2014.
( Juried show ).Mill Valley.CA.94941
87."Rancho Murieta Fine Art & Wine Festival" . Country Club.
7000 Alameda Drive, Rancho Murieta,CA.Sept.27&28-2014
( Juried show).
April 2015. Collage on canvas :" French connection ".
Mixed media on canvas : " Face to Face ".
89." The 58th Annual Saratoga Rotary Art Show ".West Valley
College .14000 Fruitvale Ave. Saratoga .CA.95070
May 02&03 ,2015 .( Juried show ).
90." The 40th Annual Los Altos Rotary Fine Art Show ".
Lincoln Park.199 University Ave. Los Altos .CA.94022
May 16&17,2015.( Juried show ).
91.2015 California State Fair .Expo Center ,Cal Expo Fairgrounds .1600 Exposition Blvd. Sacramento .CA.
( July 10-26,2015 ).Mixed media on canvas : " Marathon
in Sacramento ".
92.MLA productions .Palo Alto Festival of the Arts.
University Ave. Palo Alto.CA.94306 Aug.22&23,2015.
( Juried show ).
93." The Theater Gallery ". 756 Plumas St. Yuba City .CA.95991 " September 2015 Exhibit" .(Halina Domanski-abstract painting and Ingrid Rubinoff -gourd artistry).
94. National Collage Society, INC. . " The 31st Annual Juried Exhibit
Online "( Nov.01-2015 to Oct.-2016 ).Collage on canvas:
" Marathon in Sacramento ".
95. " The 59th Annual Saratoga Rotary Art Show ".West Valley College
14000 Fruitvale Ave. Saratoga .CA.95070
April 30& May 01-2016.(Juried show ).
96."The 13th Annual El Dorado Hills Art ,Beer ,& Wine Festival".
Town Center, El Dorado Hills .CA.95762
May 07&08-2016 ( Juried show ).
97 ."The 35th Annual Walnut Creek Art& Wine Festival ".
Heather Farm Park. 301 N. San Carlos , Walnut Creek.CA.94598
June-04&05,2016 .( Juried show ).
98." National All Media Juried Exhibition ".
Chico Art Center .450 Orange St. Chico .CA.95928
Aug.05-Sept.02,2016 . Mixed Media on canvas :
" Ice cubes "," Melting Iceberg ".
99." The 46th Millbrae Art & Wine Festival- 2016 ".
Sept.03&04-2016.( Juried show ).Broadway Ave.& Victoria in
Downtown .Millbrae .CA.94030.
100.GALLERY REPRESENTATION : Chico Paper Company .345 Broadway .Chico.CA.95928 ( Aug. -06-2011 to May -11-2016 )
101." The National Collage Society, INC., 32nd Annual Juried Exhibit" -2016.141 East Main St. Downtown Gallery , The School of Art Collection and Galleries . Kent State University.Ohio.44242-0001
Collage on canvas : " Salsa Dancing ".( Sept.29-Oct.29,2016)
102." The Beverly Hills Art Show " -Fall 2016.
Historic Beverly Gardens Park .Beverly Hills.CA.
( Oct.15&16,2016).(Juried Show ).
103.National Collage Society, INC ." The 32nd Annual Juried
Exhibit -online ".( Oct.-01-2016 to Oct.-01-2107 ).
Collage on canvas : " Salsa Dancing ".
104.Summer 2016 Competition. " Art Scene Today" International Juried Exhibition - Online .Theme :
" Bad Art "- Summer 2016 ( Nov.-05,2016-permanent).
Acrylic on canvas :" Nocturne 1 ".
105.Los Angeles SHOW MODERN and CONTEMPORARY ART -2017 .
1201 South Figueroa St. Los Angeles .CA.90015
(Jan.11-15,2017 ).Mixed media on canvas : " The Center of Love " and " Free Love ".Represented by :" The Gallery
Steiner " - gallery from Vienna .Booth # 826 .
106 ." The 60th Annual Saratoga Rotary Art Show " .West Valley -Mission Community College District. 14000 Fruitvale
Ave. Saratoga .CA.95070.May.06-07,2017.( Juried Show ).
107." The 14th Annual El Dorado Hills Art, Beer & Wine
Festival ".Town Center. El Dorado Hills.CA.95762
( May.13-14,2017).
108." The 36th Annual Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival ".
Heather Farm Park .301 N. San Carlos .CA.94598
( June 03-04,2017 ).
109." The 34th Annual Novato Festival of Art ,Wine and Music".Downtown Novato Grant Ave. Novato.94945 .CA
( June 10 -11,2017 ).
110.Placer Artists League .Fine Art Competition and Exhibition .2017 -Open Juried Show .General Gomez Arts and Event Center .808 Lincoln Way.Auburn ,CA.95603 .
(May 26- June 13,2017 ).Mixed Media : " The Autumn colors".
111." Brushstrokes 2017 " Clifornia -wide Juried Exhibition
at SAN LUIS OBISPO MUSEUM of Art .( May 19 through July 02,2017 ).SLOMA .1010 Broad Street .San luis Obispo ,CA 93401
Mixed media : " Cascading Waterfalls ".
112 ." 2017 -International Contemporary Masters ".
The Metropolitan Gallery -SOUTHERN NEVADA MUSEUM of FINE ART .Las Vegas .450 Fremont St .Las Vegas ,NV.89101
( March -04,2017 thru July -03,2017 ). Mixed Media on canvas:"Lupin Fields ","Successful Day ","Slow game ",
" Master Dancer "," Lavender Fields".

113 ." Morro Bay Art in the Park -2017 " . Morro Bay City
Park- 747 Morro Bay Blvd. Morro Bay .CA .93442 ( Sept.02,03,04-2017 )
114. " The 22nd Annual Lafayette Art ,Wine & Music Festival-2017 ".3535 Mount Diablo Blvd. Lafayette .CA.94549
( Sept.16-17,2017).
115. KVIE Art Auction .Oct.-08-2017 at 9:30PM Category: "Contemporary classics " . Collage on canvas :
" Sonoma Mission" - 40"x30"x1.5"
116." The Beverly Hills Art Show "-Fall 2017. Historic Beverly Garden Park. Beverly Hills .CA.( Oct.21&22,2017).
( Juried show).
117.Sacramento Fine Arts Center,Inc .
"62nd Annual Open International Exhibition Bold Expression -2017".5330-B Gibbons Drive, Carmichael, CA. 95608
Mixed Media on canvas : "Under the Sea No.9".
( Oct.3-29,2017)
118.Edward Jones Walnut Creek .CA- office
1854 Tice Valley Blvd .Mixed Media on canvas :" Under the Sea No.23 "," Evergreen Meadows ","Celebration "," Slow Day"," Under the Sea No.25 "," The Road to Success ","Earth Day "," Slow Game ", " The Green Pastures ", " The Earth and Me "," Spread the Love ".(Sept.-23,2017- Jan.-13,2018).
119." The 32nd Annual Southwest Arts Festival -2018 ".
Empire Polo Club. 81-800 Ave.51. Indio.CA.922O1. Coachella Valley .(Jan.-25,26,27&28-2018).( Juried show ).
120."10th Annual Lottery for the Art!". Blue line Arts.
Blue line Gallery .Roseville .CA .95678 .405 Vernon St.
Suite # 100 .Mixed Media:" Under the Sea No.24 ".
121." The 15th Annual El Dorado Hills Art ,Beer& Wine Festival. Town Center .El Dorado Hills.CA.95762.
(May 12-13,2018).( Juried show ).
122." Los Altos Rotary 43 Annual- Fine Art in the Park ".
Lincoln Park .Los Altos .CA.94022.(May 19&20,2018).
( Juried show ).
123." The 35th Novato Festival of Art, Wine& Music " .
Downtown Novato .Grant Ave. Novato .94945. CA.(Juried show)
(June 9-10,2018).
124." Bend Summer Festival 2018 ". Downtown - WALL St.
Bend .Organ .97701.(July 14-15,2018).
125.Healdsburg Art Festival 2018. Healdsburg Plaza.130 Plaza
St. Healdsburg .CA.95448 .( July 27-29,2018)( Juried show ).
125.CK Art gallery .2500 J St. Sacramento .CA .95816
Mixed Media on canvas : " Under the Sea No.31" ,"Under the
Sea No.34"," Under the Sea No.27 " ,"Under the Sea No.28",
" Under the Sea No.26".